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We are happy to see you take interest in what we have to offer at ou pharmacy store! On this page, we are bringing together our most popular drugs. These products fly off our shelves! You want to know why? They treat popular conditions, they do what they are supposed to, they cost less than elsewhere. For the sake of a quick referense you might need down the road, we will quote those items on this page.

Prescription drugs

The term “prescription drugs” is used to indicate all medicines that cannot be sold without a proof of being appointed to you by a healthcare provider. It concerns the active substance of the drug, not the particular brand of it. For example, in the event that the doctor prescribes a specific active ingredient of which both the “brand” and the generic drug are available, the patient can decide whether to buy the generic drug, or whether to buy the “branded” drug by paying the price difference.

To the category of drugs belong all those medicines considered essential, in addition to those assigned to the treatment of chronic pathologies, such as, for example, some types of antibiotics or some drugs used in the treatment of cardiovascular pathologies. All prescription drugs are listed and sorted alphabetically by active ingredient in tables that are drawn up and constantly updated.

The most frequently ordered prescription drugs at our pharmacy are:

Viagra, the first and the most iconic drug against erectile dysfunction (ED) More info

Propecia for prevening of hair loss and hair regrowth
More info

Cialis, the longest-acting potency drug
More info

Amoxicillin, a broad-spectrum antibiotic
More info

Levitra, low side effect profile ED drug with benefits in premature ejaculation (PE) More info

Zithromax, a popular antibiotic used for resporatory and other infections More info

Kamagra, the most popular generic ED drug based on sildenafil
More info

Priligy, the world’s first approved oral drug for PE
More info

Ventolin, an asthma drug used to relieve an attack
More info

Our pharmacy offers the most tempting prices for the products on the list above, as well as other items on our formulary. To give you a feel for that gap between the value of our offer and the price, here is a comparison of what our most prominent bestsellers, Generic Viagra and Cialis, cost at our website – and elsewhere:

My Canadian Pharmacy: Regular online Pharmacy
in Canada:
Generic Viagra (Sildenafil) $0.32 per pill Buy Now $4.00 per pill
Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) $0.99 per pill Buy Now $4.50 per pill
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Non-prescription drugs

Medicines without a prescription are drugs that can be dispensed in pharmacies without submitting a prescription, since they are intended for the treatment of ailments considered mild and temporary. Generally, non-prescription drugs can be defined as a sort of intermediate category between prescription drugs.

Non-prescription drugs cannot be displayed above the pharmacy counter or in areas that patients can freely access. Therefore, the patient can only have access to these drugs through direct interaction with the pharmacist. This is because it is believed that these drugs – although they are considered safe and for which monitoring by the doctor is not essential – should be dispensed only on the advice of a professional such as the pharmacist.

The most popular medications in our pharmacy:

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Important note: It is imperative that you understand the importance of user discretion when reading the materials published on our website. None of them are intended as a substitute for a visit to a doctor. Prescription medications should only be used when approved by a healthcare provider following a physical examination. Any drug names, trademark or substance names are owned by their respective copyright owners and are mentioned only for the educational purposes.