My Canadian Pharmacy: Presenting, Core Principles, Products Selection

Do you know that in Canada medications for your whole family cost about 70% cheaper than at any outlet in the USA? More to the point, you will not have to go or move to the neighboring country to make use of that price difference. Going on such tiresome trips to drugstores abroad are a thing of the past. Nowadays, with My Canadian Pharmacy, you can order medications at much more affordable prices without leaving your home in the USA or another country.

A Short Presenting of Our Brand History

Back in the 90s, it was completely undoubtful that ecommerce would take a lead in near future. Hereby, our team has decided to risk everything and establish an international online drugstore. Eventually, that strategy has turned out to be victorious.

Every day for almost three decades now, we have been working hard to provide our customers with the best care they deserve. In reward for our efforts and dedication, Canadian pharmacy has managed to gain the loyalty and confidence of millions of people around the globe and build valuable, trust-based partnership relations with the leading drug manufacturers. It allows us to enjoy the position of influence and stability on the global pharmaceutical retail service market.

It means that the prices set by Canadian drugstores do not necessarily represent problems with product quality.

Generics – The Solution to High Drugs Price and Related Fees

Have you ever tried generics? If no, it is about time to discover more with regards to this group of medications and to leverage on their advantages. Firstly, it’s important to understand what generics are. Generics represent replicas of brand-name drugs, which remain equivalent to them, i.e., contain comparable active elements and result in similar health effects, however they are produced by other companies. This kind of alternatives is allowed to be legally produced once an original medicine’s patent becomes invalid.

Below are top 5 advantages of generics:

  • Generic function similar to brand medications.
  • There is no difference in terms of safety or efficiency between brand-name meds and generics.
  • Generics are much cheaper ― the price is generally lover by several times.
  • There is a better assortment in terms of offered doses.
  • Pharmaceutical forms are also subject to changes. For example, branded Viagra is produced only in form of oral tablets, whereby generic versions of the same product and also generic Cialis are produced in form of standard tablets, gel capsules, soft tablets and even oral jellies that results in more diversity of application of Sildenafil Citrate (Generic Viagra).

Customers frequently ask: why generics are so cheap? Majority think that if a medication is produced using high-class ingredients and manufacturing, it cannot remain affordable anymore. Actually, their perceptions are wrong. The reason of low costs is that the manufacturers do not require to develop new formula. Firstly, manufacturers of generics do not create new drugs, they utilize formulas available from original producers. Moreover, majority of available on the worldwide market are produced in the developing countries, where prices and salaries are quite low.

How to Save More Money with Our Pharmacy?

  • Use our coupons. Once a coupon for a medication is required, do not forget to key-in the code, whenever the order form is being filled.
  • Keep an eye on special offers and sales. In order to remain among the first ones to discover new valuable offers, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter or alternatively install our brand app.
  • Select big packages. If you take a specific medication on a continuous basis, it’s best that you purchase a 3-month supply in one go. This will ensure you receive the most attractive price.
  • Become our regular customer. We provide a special loyalty program to all our regular customers. Do not miss the chance to enjoy extra discounts and access to special premium products.

Products to Resolve All Health Issues in a Single Place

At certain times, customers waster a significant amount of time while jumping from one website to another and searching for a long list of prescribed medications. That can be quite frustrating actually. Fortunately, thanks to MCP, you can leave all those time-consuming searches behind. It is very simple to locate the drugs and healthcare products in our vast catalog and proceed directly with ordering them on most favorable terms.

In our assortment, you can find the following categories of offered items:

  • medications for chronic diseases and acute health conditions;
  • dietary supplements including the best herbal elements;
  • meds for treatment of diversified health-associated issues, such as excessive weight, hair loss or smoking;
  • medical devices, such as inhalers for treatment of asthma;
  • cosmetics;
  • products for pregnant women and children;
  • personal hygiene products.

The Company That Provides Services to Millions of Customers from Various Parts of the Globe

We perfectly understand that the issue related to the excruciating meds prices affects clients from all over the globe, and hence we have come up with decision to bring our platform to international level.

With the purpose of ensuring the comfort of all customers, regardless of their location, we provide:

  • the website with several different translation options;
  • a wide range of currencies;
  • a good selection of contact methods;
  • quick and reliable international shipping services;
  • a wide range of international payment methods;
  • easy and convenient order tracking.

Taking Care of Customer’s Privacy

There is no doubt, one of the vital reasons why clients prefer ordering medications via the Internet is due to privacy safety.

When it comes to MCP, all your personal date and information related to drugs to treat erectile issues you purchase, stay completely confidential at all times, in comparison with purchasing the same drugs at some local pharmacy where the likelihood to meet someone familiar are quite high. With our services, you can easily converse with a pharmacologist, while remaining in the comfort and security of your home and without worrying about anybody eavesdropping and remaining completely confident that the entire information shared by you, will remain safe. Actually, you can even choose to remain anonymous, if you prefer to discuss certain questions of intimate matter.

In addition, your order will surely be packed in a discrete manner ― we shall not specify any sensitive information, such as details on the envelope related to contents, so that nobody can understand what is actually inside the package.

Of course, we shall also ensure full security of your private information shared at our website as well as in our databases and under any circumstances will never attempt to benefit from sharing it with any external parties. The information shared by you will be kept in strict accordance with the law and the privacy policy of our company.