My Canadian Pharmacy: Overview, Key Principles and Offers

Did you know that in Canada drugs for your whole family can be found 70% cheaper than in the USA? Fortunately, you do not have to go on a shopping spree to Canada, nor do you have to be a resident of the country. Such exhausting trips to foreign drugstores are the thing of the past. Today, due to My Canadian Pharmacy, you can order medicines at cheap prices from the comfort of your home in the USA or any other country.

A Short Overview of the History of Our Brand

As early as in the 90s, it was absolutely clear that the future belonged to ecommerce. So, we decided to take a risk and to open an international online drugstore. And that turned out to be a winning strategy.

We have been working hard day after day for decades, and as a result, we have managed to earn the trust and loyalty of millions of buyers from different countries and to establish strong and beneficial partnerships with a range of leading global manufacturers. And, today, our position on the market is influential and stable enough.