My Canadian Pharmacy: Overview, Key Values and Drug Selection

Did you know that in Canada medications for all family members are 70% cheaper than in the USA? The great news is that it’s possible to take advantage of the price difference without having to go to the neighboring country or living there permanently. Such exhausting trips to foreign drugstores are a thing of the past. Canadian pharmacy is a service that enables you to get virtually any medicines quickly, effortlessly, and at a very competitive price – all from the comfort and safety of your own home.

A Brief Outline of Our Brand History

In the 1990s, it became obvious that e-commerce was the future of business. With this in mind, we decided to launch an international online pharmacy, a risk that paid off in the end.

My Canadian Pharmacy has built trust and loyalty among millions of buyers from all over the world through decades of dedication and hard work, as well as advantageous partnerships with major global manufacturers. Today, our market position is strong and stable.

Key Values and Goals of online Canadian pharmacy

The main goal of MCP is to offer all our clients a simple and practical solution for getting their drugs and other healthcare supplies at a reasonable price and on very favorable terms. All other goals we pursue stem from the one declared above and can be summed up like this:

  • To create an assortment that will satisfy the health needs and demands of every client;
  • to agree on the best deals with producers;
  • to offer advantageous sales and promos on a regular basis;
  • to develop a loyalty program that will convince every user to return to us repeatedly;
  • to create a highly-experienced, hard-working, friendly, and helpful team;
  • to provide a full range of additional pharmaceutical services, such as refills or online consultations with qualified pharmacists;
  • to ensure that our shipping is fast and secure;
  • to provide reliable protection of our clients’ personal information, banking data, and money;
  • and to make sure that our website and app work flawlessly and possess all the features our clients may need.

Furthermore, our company adheres to several key business principles that are mandatory for all our employees and team members:

  • Customers remain priority number one. Prior to making any decision, we strive to ensure it results in only positive outcomes for our clients and does not harm their well-being.
  • Maintaining prices as low as possible is a priority. We understand that the majority of our consumers consider cost as the main factor when making purchases, and thus, we do our best to ensure our customers don’t overpay.
  • Access to exclusive premium medicines. We always strive to maintain an affordable price range, not forgetting the importance of product quality for our customers.
  • Providing unique services is also essential. Although online sales of medications are our main business, we still pay attention to the variety of products and pricing policy. However, we recognize that this may not be enough to earn the trust of customers and achieve success in our business. In this regard, every detail matters—from the payment methods and shipping options, to the expertise of pharmacologists and other involved professionals.
  • Staying within the legal boundaries.

The Corporate Culture Focused on Customer Well-being

Our Canadian pharmacy prioritizes our customers’ trust above all else. This is why their best interests always take priority when we are making business decisions. Our clients put their trust in us, and we ensure to repay them in kind.

As a result, before introducing any new drugs to our catalog, we conduct extensive research on the manufacturer’s performance, effectiveness, safety, and dependability. When it comes to partners like postal or courier services, we adopt the same approach. Furthermore, when recruiting new specialists, we pay very close attention to their education, expertise, perseverance, and reputation.

By choosing our pharmacy, you can rest assured that you’ll get exceptional quality products and services, coupled with comprehensive protection against all possible risks, be it related to your health, finances, or data security.

How Have We Maintained Market Leadership for So Many Years?

You can see that My Canadian Pharmacy conducts its business on well-thought-out principles that guarantee excellent service and a positive customer experience. Moreover, there is one more secret that enables us to preserve our leadership in the global pharmaceutical market: ongoing and systematic growth and improvement. We never stop expanding our selection, adjusting our pricing policy, and improving related services to remain relevant to the times and meet the needs of our consumers.

What do We do to Make Our Drugstore Better?

Below is the list of key focus areas we apply in our work:

  • Upgrading the selection of products with new options that satisfy customer preferences;
  • Exploring new capable and reputable partnerships;
  • Establishing profitable promotions and special offers for first-comers and regular customers;
  • Adding new features to our website and mobile app;
  • Generating fresh, informative, and relevant blog content;
  • Analyzing and inspecting feedback from customers with subsequent implementation of the improvements and alterations;
  • Optimizing the performance of our team;
  • Organizing educational courses and workshops for our staff.

Our Plans for the Future

We are confident that there will be a further increase in the number of customers visiting online pharmacies in the coming years. To be prepared to deal with the expected growth of the pharmaceutics industry and to assure our capacity to successfully handle the rise in the number of our clients, we never stop working on optimizing our work processes and updating both our website and mobile application. We foresee that our website and mobile app will receive more useful functions in the near future, and our experts have already initiated the necessary works related to that. Additionally, we focus a lot on our assortment and never stop exploring new products to add. Innovations in the world of medicine arise every year, and we will leverage on that fact. Ultimately, we will proceed with improvements of our services while acknowledging the varying requirements and preferences of our customers.

The Most Competitive and Accessible Prices On The Web

What primarily attracts your attention upon your first visit to a pharmacy? The prices, of course. No matter the social or economic status of the customer, the issue of constantly rising prices of medications is a pressing one everywhere in the world.

We are fully committed to helping you resolve the issues related to high prices. Just a brief glance at our catalog is enough to point out that our price ranges are significantly reduced compared to the ones stated by the local pharmacy in your country of residence.

Here are four reasons associated with our reasonable prices:

  • As with any Canadian drugstore, the government determines the minimum and maximum cost for most of our drugs. It helps stop manufacturers from unreasonably raising the prices of their products.
  • Operating an online pharmacy is less expensive and enables further savings for our customers.
  • Our wealth of business expertise in this industry and our well-established reputation in the market help us negotiate better terms with pharmaceutical companies.
  • We provide a wide variety of generic drugs, which are far less expensive than branded meds.

Drug Prices in the USA and Canada: What’s the Difference?

The USA and Canada are neighboring countries with similar economic and healthcare systems, yet researchers have found that medications in Canada can be two or more times cheaper than those in the USA. What explains this significant price difference?

Here are some significant disparities between the pharmaceutical industries in the USA and Canada:

Canada The USA
Governmental price regulation Yes No
Direct-to-consumer drug advertising No Yes
Availability of generics Earlier Later
Availability of innovative medicines Later Earlier

The Canadian government sets regulations for drug prices, preventing pharmaceutical companies from raising prices above those found in other countries with similar economic conditions. This is in contrast to the United States, where drug manufacturers have more freedom to set prices and often do so to maximize profits. As a result, medication costs in the US are among the highest globally, with over 25% of Americans unable to afford prescription medications recommended by their healthcare providers.

Advertising also contributes to the increase in drug prices. In Canada, direct advertising of medications to consumers is prohibited by law, whereas in the US, it is a widespread practice. Aggressive advertising campaigns aimed directly at the consumer can cause both demand and prices to increase significantly.

Both Canada and the US offer generic pharmaceuticals such as Ivermectin or Avanafil. However, several studies suggest that Canada generally provides access to cost-effective generic alternatives five years before the US, allowing Canadians to save money on specific drugs earlier than Americans. Additionally, manufacturers often choose to introduce their latest innovative products to the US market first because the US market favors the possibility of setting high prices and earning significant profits due to aggressive marketing. In contrast, the latest drugs in Canada usually enter the market notably later.

Therefore, the prices set by Canadian drugstores do not necessarily indicate issues with product quality.

Generics – The Solution to High Drugs Price and Related Fees

Have you ever tried generics? If not, it’s time to learn more about this group of medications and their advantages. To start, it’s important to understand what generics are. Generics are copies of brand-name drugs that have equivalent active ingredients and produce the same health effects. However, they are created by other companies and can be legally manufactured once the patent of the original drug has expired.

Below are top 5 advantages of generics:

  • Generics cost substantially less; often, the difference in price can be several times
  • Generics are identical to branded meds in respect of safety and efficacy
  • Generic drugs perform similarly to brand-name medications
  • There is a broader variety of dosages available for generics
  • The manufacturer can choose to modify the pharmaceutical form of their generic products. For instance, brand-name Viagra only comes as oral tablets, while its generic variations as well as generic Cialis are available in the form of capsules, gel, soft chewable tablets, and oral jellies, making them more applicable for various types of Sildenafil Citrate (Generic Viagra) users.

Many customers wonder why generic medications are so inexpensive. But despite what many think, you don’t have to sacrifice quality just because the price is low – they’re still made with premium components and cutting-edge technology. This line of thinking couldn’t be more wrong. The main reason why generics are so budget-friendly is because their manufacturers don’t have to devote piles of money to developing brand-new formulas – they just appropriate formulas from the original drug makers. Plus, a ton of pharmaceutical products are made in countries with cheaper labor, which also helps to keep prices low.

How to Save Even More at Our Pharmacy?

  • Take advantage of our coupons. When using a prescription drug coupon, make sure to enter the code on it while placing your order.
  • Pay attention to promos and special deals. Sign up for our newsletter or download our app so that you can be the first to learn about our new, worthwhile offerings.
  • Order in bulk. When taking a particular prescription medicine systematically, buying a 3-month-worth supply of the drug at once will help you enjoy the best price.
  • Come to shop with us on a regular basis. All our frequent customers are eligible to participate in a unique loyalty program. Regular customers have the opportunity to get additional savings and access to premium items.

Products for Solving Each and Every Health Problem in One Place

When a list of recommended medications runs long, patients can spend a ton of time browsing various websites in search of the needed drugs. A frustrating experience, indeed. Fortunately, with MCP, you can say goodbye to the tedious task of searching for medications. Our extensive catalog makes it easy to find the drugs and healthcare supplies you need, and you can place an order for them immediately at the best prices.

Here are some categories of products you can order from our pharmacy:

  • Medications for chronic diseases and acute health conditions;
  • Dietary supplements including the best herbal elements;
  • Meds for treating various health-related issues, such as obesity, hair loss, or smoking;
  • Medical devices, such as inhalers for asthma treatment;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Products for pregnant women and children;
  • Personal hygiene products.

The Company that Serves Millions of Clients from Different Corners of the World

We understand that the issue of exorbitant medication prices affects customers from all over the world, and so we have decided to expand our platform to an international level.

We offer the following services to guarantee the complete satisfaction of all our clients, wherever they live:

  • A website with multiple language translations;
  • A variety of currencies;
  • A wide range of contact methods;
  • Quick and dependable international shipping services;
  • An extensive range of international payment options;
  • Easy and convenient order tracking.

Taking Care of Customer’s Privacy

There is no doubt that one of the main reasons clients prefer ordering medications online is due to privacy safety.

When it comes to MCP, all your personal data and information related to the drugs you purchase to treat erectile issues stay confidential at all times. This is in comparison with purchasing the same drugs at a local pharmacy where the chance of running into someone you know is quite high. With our services, you can easily talk to a pharmacist while remaining in the comfort and security of your home, without worrying about anyone listening in. You can even choose to remain anonymous if you prefer to discuss certain more intimate questions.

Furthermore, your order will be packed in a discreet manner—we will not indicate any sensitive information, such as details about the contents, on the envelope so that no one can understand what is inside the package.

We also ensure full security of your private information shared at our website and in our databases. Under no circumstances will we ever attempt to benefit from sharing it with any external parties. The information you provide will be kept in strict accordance with the law and the privacy policy of our company.