Our Community

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Our pharmacy’s core business is to offer guidance on medicines. It is the pharmacy staff who have the knowledge of drugs and their effects, both the positive and the negative. The patient community can thus rely on our expertise to provide responsible counseling based on knowledge of how drugs work, how they should be used, how they interact with each other and what side effects can occur. This is very much about safeguarding patient safety.

My Canadian Pharmacy is steadily growing from one year to another. Thus, the pharmacy’s potential to develop drug counseling in the healthcare chain has also increased. The pharmacies have by far the largest and best expertise in Canada in terms of medicines and the importance of drugs for the patient. This resource can be better utilized, thereby contributing to reduced costs for incorrect drug use and reducing the risk of patients suffering unnecessarily due to incorrect medicating.

After a number of years as a new pharmacy market, it is time to evaluate our role as consultants in the healthcare chain. In the community, we are one of the leading advisers in the healthcare chain for better drug use. By specializing or collaborating with healthcare and care, we have successfully established working methods to develop drug counseling.

Our hope is that our works contributes to an engaged discussion between patients, politicians, healthcare professionals, pharmacies and other health care players. For us, the interaction with the community becomes important and is included in our work for a competent, patient-oriented and successful pharmacy market.