Generic Levitra (Vardenafil): How to Take, Vital Precautions, FAQs

Comprehensive review discusses positive effects of Levitra in Erectile Dysfunction treatment among male patients and performs a comparative analysis of pros and cons, which contribute towards wellbeing of all men.

What is Generic Levitra Prescribed For?

Generic Levitra is commonly known as Vardenafil – an established medication for treating erectile dysfunction, working by relaxing muscles in the blood vessel walls and increasing blood flow to certain areas of the body. Generally, Levitra is a prescription drug that is released by healthcare practitioners to cure erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment, which is also known as impotence. This drug is not directly responsible for causing erections, but it does enhance the reaction to different forms of sexual stimulation. Levitra from Canadian pharmacy provides assistance in getting erection provided that sexual stimulation occurs. Likewise, the medicine by itself will not cause erection.


How Levitra Should Be Taken

One of the key requirements is to strictly abide by all instructions provided in the prescription label as well as follow the advice from a healthcare specialist. Hereby, you are not allowed to alter the dosage and/or treatment duration, unless advised otherwise. Levitra can exert its positive effects with or without a meal. Generally, Levitra should be used only once necessary and is to be taken approximately 60 minutes before the sexual intercourse itself takes place. The standard dosage varies between 5 mg and 20 mg and is required to be administered in one single dose. 20 mg dose cannot be taken more than once a day. Levitra pills are not required to be chewed. Simply swallow the pill as a whole and allow sufficient time for it to completely dissolve inside the mouth. Avoid taking Levitra more than once a day and keep an interval of a 24-hours between each dose.

Crucial Information and Vital Precautions

You are required to ensure that Generic Levitra is unable to result in any sort of allergies once you start the treatment cycle. Do that before the treatment course begins. Once mixed with other drugs, Levitra can cause a rapid decrease in blood pressure, which is highly dangerous for patients, who take nitro-glycerine. Patients undergoing treatment with nitrate medications (e.g. Riociguat or Adempas, isosorbide dinitrate, nitro-glycerine, isosorbide mononitrate, etc.), should not take Levitra at the same time. Nitrates are also present in some recreational drugs, such as Nitrite or Amyl Nitrate.

Generic Levitra treatment can cause blood flow reduction to optic nerves in eyes, which can lead to rapid vision loss. Similar adverse effects have been found among some patients, who were treated with Levitra, Viagra, as well as other analogous meds.

Levitra can interact with grapefruit and grapefruit juice, potentially leading to severe side effects. Likewise, you are advised to avoid grapefruit in any form during the whole cycle of Levitra treatment. Do not take any alcohol, because it may result in adverse side effects once mixed with Levitra. Any other ED drugs are contraindicated throughout the entire treatment with Levitra unless your healthcare practitioner suggests otherwise.

It is a widely accepted fact that meds prices may be quite different if comparing online and regular stores. Online pharmacies are more flexible when it comes to special offers and promotions, because of increased market rivalry. The pricing of Generic Levitra may vary across online pharmacies, depending on the dosage and the packaging options available. Some specific pharmacies may be able to sell Levitra in a single tablet form and set the price per tablet accordingly.

Side Effects Imposed by Treatment with Levitra

Halt the treatment with Levitra at once and seek a proper consultation from a healthcare practitioner if you observe any of the cases listed below:

  • abrupt loss of hearing or ringing sounds;
  • changes of eye vision;
  • abnormal heartbeat;
  • symptoms of heart attack, i.e. abnormally high sweating, pressure/ pain around the chest, acute ache spreading to shoulder/jaw, repeated nausea;
  • shortness of breath;
  • swelling around ankles, feet, hands;
  • recurring pain during erection lasting 4 hours and longer;
  • seizures (convulsions);
  • light-headed sensations;
  • feeling like you are about to pass out.

In addition, it is also important to familiarize yourself with commonly observed side effects caused by Levitra treatment to be able to recognize them as early as possible and take corresponding actions:

  • stuffy nose;
  • flushing sensations (tingling, redness, warmth);
  • stomach-related disorders;
  • pain in the back;
  • repeated dizziness;
  • general headache.

Frequently Asked Questions About Generic Levitra

What are the available forms of Generic Levitra?

Generic Levitra is available in standard tablet or dispersible pill form. The standard pill should be swallowed with plenty of water, whereby dispersible pills dissolve without any water inside the mouth.

What are the advantages of orodispersible pills over standard pills?

Orodispersible pills provide the flexibility of taking the pills discreetly because they do not need water to dissolve. The available dosage of orodispersible meds is 10mg. Likewise, if you need to change the dose, then you are advised to switch to standard Levitra pills that come in 5mg or 20mg dosage.

What are the key ingredients of Levitra?

The key ingredients of Levitra include Vardenafil, as well as other commonly observed active agents like crospovidone, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose as well as colloidal anhydrous silica.

Are there any additional ingredients in orodispersible Levitra?

Apart from the major ingredient vardenafil, there are also other additional ingredients included in orodispersible tablets, like peppermint flavor, sorbitol (E420), magnesium stearate, hydrated silica colloidal mannitol (E421), crospovidone, and aspartame (E951).


Likewise, Levitra shows reasonable treatment outcomes and steadiness in performance among all men treated with Erectile Dysfunction. This drug is well-known in today’s medical world and maintains the status of an efficient ED cure for the majority of men around the globe. Diversified independent studies and clinical research have been conducted to affirm the fail-safety of Generic Levitra in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. However, a thorough medical check-up is still a must before starting any treatment. In addition, proper consultation with a healthcare practitioner is always necessary to confirm that Levitra is appropriate for the productive and harmless treatment of specific Erectile Dysfunction patients.

Important note:

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