At My Canadian Pharmacy you can rest assured that your credentials or sensitive data indicated on our site is safe and protected from hacking. Our service is regularly tested for security weaknesses and all data is encrypted. Nowadays, we accept payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express. If you face problems with selecting the right one, our customer support team member will call you and suggest a convenient option. From our side, you will find the most risk-free payment procedure. And, we guarantee confidentiality because your comfort and protection is our top target.

How Does It Work?

Our 128-bit data encryption is verified and is used for all information shared with us both from regular and new clients. We do not exchange, reveal, transmit or trade it. So, feel confident and secure when you complete an order. When choosing the preferred method for paying we took care of the availability of popular methods. Now, you can refer to 2 main options:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal (available for orders from $1000): our administration team encourages all customers to proceed with them as far as they are the most secured.

E-check: also available and is charged to your bank account electronically. Please note, we do not receive or keep information on your bank account. We will send a payment link to your indicated email, then you have to click it and you will be redirected to the page where it is necessary to enter your account and routing numbers. Please ensure there are enough funds at the time of ordering.

For your convenience, we also answered a few questions that may bother new clients. Check them out.

Do you charge any fee?

No, there is no fee when ordering with us.

Are your prices presented in Canadian dollars?

No, as of now all the products distributed with us indicated in American dollars.

Do you have enrollment charges?

No, you pay only for the medications ordered with us. There are no membership charges or sales taxes.

How much does your shipping cost?

The shipping is free of charge.

How long does it take to proceed with my payment?

Once you complete filling in the payment form, your payment instantly proceeds. Keep in mind, all information should be valid, only after that, you will receive the confirmation of a successful transaction.

If you cannot complete your payment procedure or have any obstacles on this stage, please contact our customer support team and let us guide you. Besides, if you would like to pay using other payment methods not mentioned with us, you can address the inquiry by calling or emailing us.