Price Formation in Canada vs USA: Comparative Analysis

Current Situation Overview

In contemporary continuously developing world, the unceasing market development growth in the USA results in drug prices increase, which causes a big group of citizens deprived of opportunity to buy medicines at local pharmacies and, hereby search for alternative solutions. Certain people result in performing short trips to neighbouring countries to purchase the medications over there or try online pharmacies. Currently, a tendency has already developed among a big group of American patients to buy drugs from Canada, because it is located nearby America and at the same time able to offer high-quality medications at reduced prices comparing to America. This tendency has caused certain American politicians to attempt introducing legalization of the Canadian medications import. But this plan is yet to be transformed into reality, because of specific political and economic complications and challenges. Nevertheless, USA citizens are still able to legally purchase drugs from Canada, though from a limited number of drugstores in Canada.

Price Formation

Reasons to Switch to Online Canadian Pharmacies

Even though online drugstores 1-2 decades ago were accounting for only a minor portion of the entire healthcare delivery systems in both the United States and Canada, in recent years the expansion has started growing exponentially and has the potential to conquer a major sector of the healthcare system in near future. For example, based on independent surveys and statistical data, around 18% of US households were purchasing prescription drugs online back in 2003. However, by 2004 this percentage had grown up to 27%, and by 2015 has exceeded the 45% threshold. Generally, the proper explanation of the rapid growth of online pharmacies and delivery system has neither technophobic nor technophilic basis. Technologically modified health care system, if responsibly managed and controlled, has huge potential to perform a noteworthy and constructive changes to entire healthcare system.

Basically, internet pharmacies are driven by demand coming from patients who try to obtain medications that would not be prescribed by their doctors, like controlled substances, painkiller etc. In addition, a certain percentage of patients take a particular drug over long period of time, already familiar in details with the drug itself and only need to refill their medications stock. The Canadian pharmacy industry does not dispense any illegal drugs and, if necessary, is able to provide necessary medical consultation by healthcare specialists in order to create a prescription of a specific medication based on health conditions of a particular patient.

Nevertheless, the reduced drug prices in Canadian online pharmacies do not deteriorate the quality of medical products and you can be certain that all drugs purchased from Canadian pharmacies meet the quality standards and have all necessary certificates. Sufficient experience and duration of business development has resulted in upgrading of entire process to meet modern quality standards. Hence, you can be absolutely sure that the order registration, payment process and suitable delivery methods, as well as complete privacy and safety will be provided to each and every customer, regardless of his income levels or volume of purchase.

Process of Purchasing Drugs from Canadian drugstores

A standard process of any customer purchasing from a Canadian pharmacy, involves a qualified specialist having a face-to-face consultation with the patient, followed by writing the original prescription Additionally, the information provided by the first physician is subject to verification by second professional, which sometimes may require some additional related information from patient’s side, and followed by co-signing of the original prescription, which then gets filled and updated by a qualified pharmacist. Canadian drugstores require a co-signing by Canadian specialist in order to comply with regulatory requirements. There are extra safeguards included, such as: a form that is required to filled by patients to specify all currently taken medications (prescription and non-prescription), as well as any other concurrent medical conditions they have at the moment. This information is really crucial, as it has direct influence on the type of medication prescribed, its dosage, duration of treatment and necessary precautions in order to avoid occurrence of any unwanted side effects.


The large group of prescription medications can be bought at reduced prices from online Canadian pharmacies when compared vs potential expenses associated with purchasing drugs from other pharmacies and alternative locations. Buying drugs from online Canadian drugstores portrays to be a feasible solution to address associated challenges and cost barriers.