Available Options

Bariatric surgery is an important decision that should include research, thoughtful discussions with your doctor, and a lifelong commitment to better nutrition. Surgery to promote weight loss is a serious undertaking, and patients who have had surgery require close monitoring as well as life-long use of special foods and vitamins.

Deciding which type of surgery is right for you requires a thorough understanding of the ramifications of each procedure, and the effects on your diet and lifestyle. Your surgeon’s professional expertise and knowledge can also help with the right solution for your weight loss goals.

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Intragastric Balloon Procedure – College Station Medical Center is among the first in the nation to offer this non-surgical procedure to patients living with moderate obesity. This treatment option utilizes a soft, expandable silicone balloon to temporarily take up space in the stomach, ultimately helping individuals achieve an earlier feeling of fullness at mealtimes. The procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis and does not require extensive recovery time.